Philippines Armed Forces braces for Typhoon Rolly

General Gilbert Gapay, Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, led the mustering of troops of the Joint Task Force-National Capital Region today. The military is firming up its responses for Super Typhoon Rolly. In his address, General Gapay told the men and women of JTF-NCR to expect the worst as Rolly makes landfall. Typhoon Rolly threatens Metro Manila, Bicol Region, and Central and South Luzon.

“Today lets focus at the task at hand to help our countrymen particularly those situated along the path of Super Typhoon Rolly,” General Gapay said. General Gapay has earlier ordered to raise the red alert status to maximize the AFP’s response capacity.

All disaster response teams and mobility assets from SOLCOM, NOLCOM, CENTCOM and JTF-NCR are already on standby for possible deployment. Air and naval assets are also in their respective secure positions for use in transport and damage assessment missions.

More than 5,000 troops ready to face Rolly

Over 5,000 active military personnel trained for disaster response operations are ready for deployment from Luzon and Visayas. Supporting them are reservists and auxiliary troops. 

“Let us maintain that high state of readiness. I am confident in our preparation and our dedication. I believe in the sound leadership of our commanders. Our unity and teamwork that we will weather the impact of ST Rolly,” General Gapay said.

The AFP directed all its units to coordinate local disaster management centres. The AFP will provide technical and manpower support to local disaster risk reduction and management centers.

This includes the possible set up of Incident Command Posts (ICP) of LGUs with AFP communications equipment and transportation assets, as well as first responders.

General Gapay also reiterated his earlier directive to ensure the safety of military personnel and assets, particularly those along the track of the typhoon. He also ordered frontline units in less affected areas to prepare to reinforce those in directly affected areas.

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