More than 350,000 Brands and Sellers join Lazada’s 11.11 Shopping Festival this year

More than 350,000 brands and sellers across Southeast Asia will join Lazada’s 11.11 Shopping Festival. The 11.11 shopping festival is Lazada’s most massive one day sale. Thousands of new brands will also participate in Lazada’s highly anticipated shopping event for the first time this year. It is the eighth edition of the 11.11 shopping festival.

Lazada is reinvigorating its 11.11 Festival with promotions, deals, rewards, and content.  The festival anticipates 80 million consumers this year. The event will also play an essential role in helping many businesses following the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

“This has been a pivotal year for many businesses, and 11.11 will be a new experience for many who have embarked on the eCommerce journey. These year-end mega shopping festivals will be opportunities for brands and sellers to acquire new customers and boost their sales performance,” said Lazada Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Chun Li.

More Major Brands Join Lazada

In the last six months, Lazada has seen a sharp increase in new brands including Isetan, Under Armour, Swatch and Castrol join LazMall to give their retail mix a digital overhaul. More businesses from the F&B, hospitality, recreation and personal service sectors have adopted an omnichannel approach.

Consumers can also look forward to a broader assortment this 11.11, with leading international brands including Lancôme, Marks & Spencer, Miniso, Swatch, and TopShop participating in
Lazada’s 11.11 for the first time this year. Over 70 major brands including 3M, Adidas, Kiehl’s, Lego, Pampers, Philips, Polo Ralph Lauren and Xiaomi have also partnered with Lazada to create a
visually fun brand showcase, featuring signature and loved products from their exclusive 11.11 catalogue this year.

Consumers will also enjoy a little stardust from Lazada’s first regional brand ambassador, famous Korean superstar Lee Min Ho. He has joined the Lazada family on 15ht October this year.

From Prism+ in Singapore, Signature Markets in Malaysia to Wardah in Indonesia, homegrown local brands will take centre stage during this years shopping festival. Lazada promotes the development and sustainability of young brands, some who have only made the online switch this year.

Aiding Start-Ups and SMEs

Lazada extended stimulus packages offering cash funds to subsidise up to 150,000 start-up costs. It has also helped small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) optimise cash flow by partnering with financial institutions. Agri-farmers in Malaysia and the Philippines, to artisans in Thailand and Vietnam, have been able to leverage on Lazada’s technology and logistics infrastructure. In the process, this has helped them boost their operational capabilities and diversify their revenue source.

Lazada’s logistics network covers six countries across Southeast Asia and is ready to handle peak-time order volumes. This network, which includes over 15 warehouse facilities, over 400 sortation centres and hubs. Forty-five logistics partners support Lazada. It is ready for sales from domestic and cross-border sales of over 30 times the norm this 11.11 season. Lazada expects its logistics fleet to see a 25% increase in mileage fulfilling orders this 11.11, compared to last year.

“Our data-driven technology and smart algorithms enhance the user experience by improving product relevancy and buyer-seller matching. This helps our sellers achieve better results,“ said Li. “Each 11.11 sets a new benchmark for our technology and logistics infrastructure to deliver the best service to our customers. In conclusion, this year will be no different as we prepare to serve even more buyers and sellers.”

Super Shows and LazGames

“We are grateful for the support of local businesses and international brands for choosing Lazada for this big annual show. “With that spirit, we will have the most attractive promotions and deals at the lowest prices, together with non-stop entertainment like LazGames and live streams,” said Jessica Liu, Co-President and Regional Head of Commercial, Lazada Group.

Fans of LazGames can also play Happy Bounce. Happy Bounce is Lazada’s newest game, where shoppers navigate a cute “Kitten” avatar through different levels by swiping left and right to collect Lazada coins and vouchers. Almost USD2 million worth of rewards from over 5,000 brands and sellers are up for redemption. Shoppers can also earn extra points to access more deals by inviting friends to join the game. Coins earned through LazGames can now be converted to vouchers to make purchases on the platform.

Lazada’s signature 11.11 Super Show will take the stage on the eve of 11 November. Consumers will also have the opportunity to win exclusive vouchers through various interactive segments. The Super Show is localised in each market.

For more information on the Lazada shopping festival, visit the link here.

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