Joseph Schooling Parents Singapore Olympics

Joseph Schooling’s Father Diagnosed with Cancer

Joseph Schooling’s father was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. One Championship Founder Chatri Sityodtong announced this news via a Facebook post on 30th July.

Chatri describes the Schoolings as a kind-hearted family. He mentioned that Colin and May Yim (the swimmer’s parents) chose to take the “high road” by not disclosing this news. Chatri then informs everyone of the family’s situation and the sacrifice that Joseph Schooling had to make to take part in the games.

Chatri goes on to explain, “The reality is that every world championship athlete goes through ups and downs.”

He adds that in such top-tier games as the Olympics, it is almost impossible to win consistently. “The truth is that it is almost impossible to win world championships consistently when you are competing at the highest levels in the world. There is no margin for error,” he continues.

He ended the post with a call for support for Joseph Schooling.

President Halimah also comes out to defend Joseph Schooling

The President of the Republic of Singapore also noticed the online hate and vitriol against the 26-year-old swimmer.

She made a statement online today calling for Singaporeans to be more gracious and understanding. Her post also mentioned the sacrifices Joseph has made as an athlete.

She said, “We talk incessantly about building a gracious, compassionate and caring society because we believe that a society thrives not just on economic growth alone. It’s easy to articulate these values. However, a lot more difficult to practise it.”

She ended the post with an appeal to Singaporeans to be more gracious and kind. And to continue to support their athletes.

Above all, we at the South East Asia Business Post support this call and end online hate. At the same time, we wish Joseph Schooling’s father a speedy recovery and hope the family can see their son win again.


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