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What are Bull and Bear Markets

In investing, the terms “bull” and “bear” are commonly used to characterize market conditions. These terms describe how equity markets perform in general, such as whether they are expanding or declining in value. As a trader, the market standard is a significant issue affecting your portfolio. As a logical result, it’s vital to understand how such market conditions could affect your investments.

Bull Market vs. Bear Market

A bull market is the one in which values are increasing, and business contexts are generally favourable. A bear market emerges when the economy weakens and most stocks lose weight. Given the importance of investor attitudes in financial markets, these terms also apply to how investors feel about the market and the resultant economic events.

On the other end, a bear market is experiencing a downward trend. A market is not considered an actual “bear” market unless it has dropped 20% or more from recent highs. In a bear market, stock prices are consistently decreasing. As a consequence, investors expect the negative trend to continue, continuing the cycle. Throughout a bear market, the economy slows down, and unemployment rises as firms lay off workers.

What to Do in Each Market

An entrepreneur’s best option in a bull market is to take power to increase prices by buying equities early in the trend (if feasible) and trading them once the market has hit its peak.

The danger of losing money in a bear market, on the other hand, is more significant since prices are continually decreasing and the end is hardly in sight. Even if you opt to trade in anticipation of a market recovery, you will almost certainly lose money before the market rebounds. Consequently, short-selling and safer assets such as fixed-income assets account for most gains.


Both bear and bull marketplaces will have a massive influence on your earnings, so doing some homework before reaching a choice is a wise decision. Take into account that the stock market has historically provided a positive return.

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