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Tesla to open flagship EV store in Bangkok as Thai sales grow

Tesla is set to open its flagship store in Thailand, located in an eastern Bangkok mall, as early as June. The aim is twofold: Firstly, to accelerate the company’s rapidly growing electric vehicle sales in the country. Secondly, to compete with Chinese rivals such as BYD.

Local media reports reveal that Tesla is renovating a former Toyota Motor showroom. The new showroom will be a five-floor facility. It will include a service centre, a parts warehouse, and fast-charging stations.

When contacted for comment, a Tesla representative stated that more details about the store will be provided soon.

Higher price than Chinese competitors

Last December, Tesla commenced online sales of its Model Y midsize sport utility vehicle and Model 3 sedan in Thailand. The starting prices for these models are around 1.96 million baht ($56,500) and 1.76 million baht ($50,700) respectively. These prices are higher than Chinese competitors. Most Chinese EVs are available for approximately 1 million baht.

“Tesla sees Thailand as a test track for accelerating its expansion in Southeast Asia,” said Kenichi Shimomura, principal at Roland Berger.

The sales performance of the Model Y has been impressive, with a doubling of sales in March compared to the previous month, reaching a total of 1,034 units. As a result, the Model Y now captures a 17% share of the electric vehicle market in Thailand. This has made the Model Y the country’s second-best-selling electric vehicle. It has overtaken models from China’s SAIC Motor group and Great Wall Motor, and trailing only behind BYD’s Atto 3.

Test drive a Tesla in Bangkok now

Test drives of Tesla vehicles are already available at a dealership close to the upcoming flagship store. Max, an engineer residing in Bangkok, who currently owns two cars including a Toyota Camry, expressed his interest in replacing one of his vehicles with a Model Y. He confidently stated, “I had decided that my first EV would be a Tesla.”

Tesla’s entry into Thailand marks a significant step in its strategy to expand its presence in Southeast Asia. By establishing a flagship store in Bangkok and offering high-quality electric vehicles, Tesla aims to meet the increasing demand for sustainable mobility in the region and solidify its position as a leader in the global electric vehicle market.

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