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Shootings at two Police Stations in Central Vietnam

Shootings at two police station headquarters in Vietnam’s Central Highlands on Sunday left several people dead and wounded. This news is according to official state media. State media stated that sixteen individuals were arrested in connection with the Cu Kuin district shootings in Dak Lak province. To further added that the attackers held two people hostage. However, they were eventually freed. Another captive subsequently managed to escape.

The ministry confirmed that the shootings took place in the early hours of Sunday at the police headquarters of Ea Tieu and Ea Ktur communes. Although the exact figures were not provided, the ministry acknowledged that police, local officials, and civilians were among the casualties.

Immediate comments from the police were unavailable.

Vietnam Central Highlands is home to many minority groups

Vietnam’s Central Highlands is a significant coffee-growing region. Various ethnic minority groups inhabit the region. Due to its sensitivity, the authoritarian government of Vietnam considers it a contentious are. The region often faces discontent regarding issues such as land rights. However, it is not a norm for shootings to occur there.

During Vietnam’s lengthy war, some tribes in the region, known as Montagnards, aligned themselves with the US-backed south. Presently, some groups seek greater autonomy, while others advocate for regional independence from abroad.

On Sunday, several state media outlets initially withdrew reports about the shootings, only to republish them later in the day.

Shootings exceedingly rare in Vietnam

Possession of firearms is illegal for citizens in Vietnam. Furthermore, there is a limited black market for weapons. Gun violence is exceedingly rare in Vietnam.

There have only been two other shooting incidents in Vietnam in the last decade.

In January 2020, four individuals were fatally shot on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. They were at an illegal cockfighting betting ring. During the cockfight, there was an argument. The shooter shot the four individuals before running away.

Additionally, in a rare incident in 2016, a colleague shot and killed two senior officials in their office in northern Yen Bai province before turning the gun on himself.

These shootings are not the only issues distressing Vietnam. The country has also been facing severe power shortages in the North.

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