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Temasek Holdings Expands Presence in Region with Focus on Cambodia

In a recent meeting, Lim Boon Heng, the Chairman of Temasek Holdings Company, conveyed the company’s strong commitment to further expanding its business operations within the ASEAN region, with a particular emphasis on Cambodia. Lim made this statement upon meeting the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Dr Hun Manet.

During this significant encounter, Lim expressed his heartfelt appreciation to PM Hun for the valuable time dedicated to discussions. Lim also extended his warm congratulations to PM Hun on his appointment as PM Cambodia. PM Hun became PM during the 7th legislature of the National Assembly.

Reflecting on a past meeting with Mr. Hun Sen, Lim praised the inspirational example set by Samdech Techo. He also provided insights into Temasek Holdings’ extensive global presence, with a primary focus on key sectors such as finance, transportation, telecommunications, technology, advertising, and real estate.

Lim articulated the company’s vision for the future. He stated that Temasek aims to expand its business further in the ASEAN region. Moreover, Cambodia is a priority. He further stated that Temasek wanted to expand the investment in Cambodia in digital technology, renewable energy, and other important sectors.

Cambodia PM Welcomes Temasek Holdings

In response, Prime Minister Dr. Hun Manet extended a warm welcome to Temasek Holdings in Cambodia. He emphasized that the 7th mandate government will create a supportive environment for sustainable investment across all sectors in Cambodia. Furthermore, Prime Minister Dr. Hun Manet highlighted Cambodia’s openness to investors from around the world.

The Prime Minister emphasized Cambodia’s commitment to new legal frameworks, norms, and mechanisms. These are aimed at promoting, supporting, and encouraging foreign investors. He also highlighted the significance of investing in Special Economic Zones and industrial parks, adapting investments to each country’s unique circumstances.

This meeting marks a significant step in Temasek Holdings’ strategic expansion plans in the ASEAN region. The collaboration between Temasek Holdings and Cambodia reflects a commitment to fostering economic growth and investment opportunities in the region.

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