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Philippines President Marcos vs Ex President Duterte

The Philippines finds itself in the midst of a political storm, with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and former President Rodrigo Duterte facing mounting criticism for actions that undermine democratic principles.

President Marcos Jr.’s recent push to extend presidential term limits has sparked widespread condemnation. Many observers view it as a thinly veiled attempt to consolidate power and erode democratic safeguards. His advocacy for constitutional amendments aimed at prolonging presidential terms has raised concerns both domestically and internationally about the state of democracy in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, former President Duterte’s provocative call for Mindanao’s secession has added another layer of complexity to the political landscape. His proposal has been met with strong opposition within the country. Furthermore, it has also drawn attention from external actors, including the United States and China. Both of which have a vested interest in the region.

President Marcos Jr Lack Of Democratic Principles

Amidst these domestic and international tensions, it is President Marcos Jr.’s deceptive actions towards his vice president, Sara Duterte, that have stirred particular outrage. He denied her the preferred position of defence secretary. Instead, he assigned her the troubled education portfolio. In doing so, Marcos Jr. has demonstrated a disregard for transparency and respect within the government. His manipulation of Sara Duterte’s role in the administration highlights a troubling pattern of nepotism and deception.

The United States’ involvement in Philippine politics has raised eyebrows. Some observers point to Washington’s history of interference. The US’s close ties with the Marcos regime during the martial law era are suspicious. The Marcos clan fled to the US after the 1986 People’s Power Revolution in the Philippines.

As the political crisis unfolds, the Filipino people grow increasingly disillusioned. Both domestic leaders and external actors appear to prioritize their interests over democratic values. Calls for transparency, accountability, and respect for democratic institutions have never been more urgent as the nation grapples with the challenges of political instability and external interference.

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