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PepsiCo Expands Vietnam Investment With Two New Plants

PepsiCo, the renowned U.S. food and beverage (F&B) conglomerate, will fortify its operations in Vietnam through a substantial investment of $400 million. This investment underscores PepsiCo’s commitment to both regional expansion and sustainable business practices.

The investment will facilitate the establishment of two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, powered by renewable energy sources. One facility, dedicated to beverage manufacturing, will be situated in southern Long An Province, with an investment exceeding $300 million. Concurrently, PepsiCo will inaugurate a food processing plant in northern Ha Nam Province, backed by an investment of $90 million. These strategic endeavors aim to augment PepsiCo’s production capabilities and product diversity in the Vietnamese market.

Many PepsiCo Investments in Vietnam since 1994

PepsiCo had previously indicated plans for the Ha Nam facility to commence operations by the third quarter of 2025. However, PepsiCo has not released precise timelines for the commissioning of these factories. This investment amplifies the F&B giant’s longstanding presence in Vietnam since 1994. Moreover, this investment reflects its enduring commitment to the country’s dynamic business landscape.

In tandem with these developments, PepsiCo disclosed its intent to establish a snack plant in Ha Nam Province. This move signals further consolidation of its market position. The forthcoming snack plant, slated to commence construction in early 2024 and conclude by the latter half of 2025, will generate over 23,000 tonnes of snacks annually. Located in Dong Van I Expanded Industrial Park, the facility will span 80,000 square meters and integrate modern technologies alongside renewable energy solutions, aligning with PepsiCo’s sustainability ethos.

Nguyen Viet Ha, General Manager of PepsiCo Foods Vietnam, expressed confidence in the company’s growth trajectory despite prevailing economic challenges. He anticipates that the new factory projects will catalyze economic development, bolster community resilience, and engender enduring societal benefits.

PepsiCo’s strategic investments underscore its steadfast commitment to Vietnam’s economic prosperity and societal well-being. By leveraging innovative technologies and sustainable practices, the F&B giant endeavors to foster sustainable growth while navigating the evolving business landscape.

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