About the Southeast Asia Business Post

The Southeast Asia Business Post is the premier business magazine for the ASEAN Region.

Since its launch in 2020, The South-East Asia Business Post has been dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on key political and economic events occurring in Southeast Asia. The South-East Asia Business Post reaches an influential audience of commentators, business people, policymakers and academics with its in-depth treatment of issues pertaining to the ASEAN region.

We provide expert coverage on firstly;

  • ASEAN region,
  • Business,
  • Economic,
  • Financial,
  • Political,
  • Current-Affairs,
  • and secondly opinion pieces from key people within the region

Every day, over 10,000 subscribers visit our site as well as social media pages for the latest news and opinions from Southeast Asia.

Our pool of dedicated correspondents and contributors drive us to continuously write and publish high-quality and detailed articles daily. Our articles and posts also give a unique and localized perspective to our readers.  We are actively seeking new and fresh opinions and perspective. Interested parties can contact us to pitch their ideas.

Southeast Asia Business Post was launched during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although there are many English medium outlets, none could cover the effect of the pandemic on businesses and politics in the ASEAN region well. It seems almost like a three-way tug-of-war between western-centric, China-influenced or locally censored. At the same time, headlines were causing more havoc than drawing readers in to seek the facts. It was during this period of vast uncertainty and confusion that this magazine was born.

This is why our vision and mission are as follows:


To report the latest in business and political events in the ASEAN region in as a truthful and tactful manner as with the information at hand.


To be the go-to media channel for all news pertaining to the Southeast Asian region and the events that influence it.

Our Logo

Our Logo is a representation of who we truly are as an ASEAN based media channel.

The colours represent our values.

Firstly, Green represents Growth.

Secondly, Blue represents Truth & Transparency.

Lastly, the shape represents Communication.

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