ASEAN BIS 2020 opens in Vietnam

The ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ASEAN BIS) 2020 opened on Friday under the theme “Digital ASEAN: Sustainability and Inclusiveness”. The two-day event is held virtually by the firstly, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). Secondly, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC). Finally, relevant units, within the framework of the 37th ASEAN Summit and related meetings.

The conference brings together the leaders of ASEAN states, partners and a large number of businesses in the region. The conference demonstrates the spirit of cooperation of countries’ governments and the private sector. Above all, the conference illustrates the need to develop a prosperous ASEAN region.

Vietnam PM Comments at ASEAN BIS 2020

In his opening remarks, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasised the current COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge for people all over the world and the economy of countries. It has caused the economic downturn, impeded world trade, disrupted supply chains, hindered people’s travel, and forced many businesses to cease operations.

ASEAN is also not immune from these harmful influences, he added.

However, PM Phuc affirmed that in such a difficult circumstance, ASEAN had demonstrated its self-reliance and spirit of cooperation. ASEAN states have effectively combated the disease and promoted economic recovery and development with an inclusive goal of ensuring people’s health and life. There has also been an emphasis on creating favourable conditions for businesses to promote their proactivity and creativity in economic recovery and growth.

PM Phuc believes that ASEAN BIS 2020 would connect policymakers with international organisations and enterprises in the region. The event will offer a platform to discuss and share experiences and best practices. It will also open up opportunities for cooperation and development towards sustainability and inclusiveness.

Vietnam is committed to cooperating with ASEAN’s member states and its partners to continue pragmatic assistance programs for businesses in the region, especially in the areas of digital transformation; environment, society and governance (ESG); technology and employment future in the region; and sustainable and inclusive development, PM Phuc affirmed.

Vietnam seeks cooperation and development.

“Vietnam will push to realise the goal of putting the people and businesses at the heart of development”, he added. “It will seize new opportunities brought about by the shifting of global supply chains, and capital flows toward the ASEAN region”, he concluded.

ASEAN ABIS 2020 will focus on four topics. Firstly, ASEAN’s economic outlook. Secondly, future orientations for ESG investment in ASEAN. Thirdly, technologies and future jobs in ASEAN. Finally, an ASEAN region of self-reliance and sustainable and inclusive development.


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