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Malaysia Airlines Launches MHartisans to Feature Specially Handcrafted Creations by Employees

Malaysia Airlines has launched an initiative for its employees to produce and sell handcrafted items via the airline’s flagship online store, Temptations.  The airline has dubbed the initiative MHartisans.

mhartisans Agnes Yap Malaysia Airlines
Kebaya Girls Sticker Set & Airplane Keychain​
by Agnes ‘Aggie’ Yap Siew Yen
Photo Credit: Malaysia Airlines

MHartisans is created to encourage employee’s entrepreneurial spirit. The idea is to transform their hobbies and passion into income-generating projects during this challenging time for the aviation industry. In celebrating the launch, the airline will debut an exclusive line of dolls and memorabilia by two talented cabin crews.

Agnes ‘Aggie’ Yap joined Malaysia Airlines over 20 years ago. Before that, she was a graphics artist. The airline’s iconic kebaya girl inspired her. Thus she has designed a range of memorabilia such as sticker sets, keychains, and protective mask folder. Aggie embarked on this project by creating designs on her tablet whenever she had spare time during duty flights.

mhartisans Wesley Anak Jantan Malaysia Airlines
Borneo Dolls ​by Wesley Anak Juntan
aka Wesley Hilton​
Photo Credit: Malaysia Airlines

Meanwhile, ten-year cabin crew veteran, Wesley Anak Juntan, created an exclusive line of dolls clad in traditional Iban costume to honour his origins. Wesley’s debut collection for MHartisans consists of three dolls, firstly, the Sarawak Doll. Secondly, the Sabah Doll. And finally, the Kebaya Girl Doll. The Kebaya Girl Doll is clad in the iconic Malaysia Airlines’ kebaya. The Kebaya Girl Doll is styled according to the grooming standards of Malaysia Airlines, including the classic French twist hairstyle. The kebaya is hand-sewn from the actual fabric of Malaysia Airlines’ cabin crew uniform.

Malaysia Airlines Group Marketing Officer comments

“We are thrilled to launch this fantastic line-up of handmade creations by Malaysia Airlines’ employees. MHartisans is a platform for our internal homegrown talents to showcase their innovations and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit”, said Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Lau Yin May.

“We believe that this new initiative is more than just an opportunity for us to support our colleagues. It also allows us to feature Malaysian-made products which embody our nation’s diverse cultures and heritage. I hope that these products will instil national pride and love for Malaysia amongst our loyal customers. The handicrafts make for an exciting and unique gift for your friends and family to rekindle their love for Malaysia!” she added.

Open to all employees; MHartisans will continue to feature more artisans under this campaign to bring more exclusive MH merchandise designed by them.

Malaysia Airlines also supports its employees by creating MHhomecooks, a special segment on its YouTube channel that features Malaysian local favourite dishes such as Laksa Johor Ikan Parang, Paratha with Kirti and Nasi Hujan Panas, all cooked by the airline’s employees. The airline has come up with an initiative for reskilling their employees.

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