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Shopee launches regional Seller Support Package to aid millions of SMEs

Shopee has introduced various support initiatives to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These initiatives target all seven Shopee markets. The initiatives are to help SMEs overcome unprecedented economic challenges from the coronavirus situation. The initiatives comprise firstly, educational and secondly, financial support. These will help them ease operational costs and grow their online presence. As well as set them up for sustainability and long-term growth.

Chris Feng, Chief Executive Officer of Shopee, said, “SMEs are the beating heart of our region’s economy. It is vital that we support them through these trying times. We tailored support packages in each of our seven markets to help them accelerate digitalisation. Thus setting them up for long-term sustainability. We are committed to working closely with SMEs to unlock further growth opportunities.”

Shopee offers SMEs three areas of support

Shopee is offering three critical areas of support for local SMEs across the region.

Financial Support and Relief. Shopee has rolled out a range of initiatives to help both new and existing SMEs ease operational costs and attract new customers online.

Educational Support for Sustained Success. SMEs can also access a wide range of training and support on Shopee University to scale and succeed in the long term.

Additional Support for SMEs who are new to E-commerce. Traditional and offline SMEs can also accelerate their digital transformation through exclusive support from Shopee.

Santitarn Sathirathai, Sea’s Group Chief Economist, said, “SMEs account for the majority of employment in the region. They also generate a substantial proportion of our region’s GDP. However, they are also particularly exposed to macroeconomic headwinds. There has never been a more crucial time for technology platforms to step up. We are proud to play our part in spurring economic recovery.”

Shopee’s seller support measures are part of its efforts to support local communities through the coronavirus situation. Shopee has previously contributed funds and resources to frontline workers and organisations.

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