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Robust Business for Johor Hotels from Singapore Visitors

Johor hotels have been enjoying brisk business with the influx of Singapore visitors. The long weekend and the start of the Singapore school holidays resulted in the business boom.

According to Ivan Teo, the chairman of the Johor chapter of the Malaysian Association of Hotels, a significant number of Singaporeans have been visiting Malaysia for holidays. This trend can be attributed to the extended Vesak Daybreak and the ongoing school holiday in Singapore. The hotels in Desaru and Johor Bahru are experiencing a surge in occupancy rates as a result.

Singapore and Malaysia celebrated Vesak Day on June 2. Concurrently, the school holiday period spans from May 27 to June 25. Mr Teo expressed that the influx of tourists from Singapore not only benefits Johor but also other states in Malaysia. These travellers often venture further north to popular destinations like Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.

Johor Mentri Besar efforts cause positive impact

Moreover, Mr Teo highlighted the positive impact of Johor Mentri Besar Onn Hafiz Ghazi’s consistent efforts in monitoring traffic flow at immigration checkpoints in Johor Bahru. This active involvement has instilled confidence among travellers. Mr Onn Hafiz Ghazi was seen in a video chiding Malaysian immigration and checkpoint staff on the slow immigration process. The video subsequently went viral on social media. Since then, immigration wait times have improved significantly. Mr Onn is a member of UMNO, the former ruling party in Malaysia.

Prior to his actions, jams at both the Johor checkpoint even reached 8 hours during peak periods. Some travellers were seen squabbling and even fighting with immigration staff.

On June 1, Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority reported that nearly 250,000 individuals departed from Singapore to Malaysia through the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. This figure represents the highest number of daily departures since the reopening of land borders between the two countries in April 2022.

Both governments expect these figures to rise during the school holiday period.


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