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Singapore Transport Minister S Iswaran Assisting Anti Graft Officers in Investigation

Transport Minister S Iswaran is currently assisting the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in an ongoing investigation. The nature of the investigation was not disclosed in the bureau’s statement on Wednesday (Jul 12).

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong issued a separate statement, stating that CPIB will interview Mr Iswaran and other individuals as part of the investigation. CPIB Director, Mr Denis Tang briefed PM Lee last Wednesday regarding a case discovered by the bureau. Mr Tang sought the Prime Minister’s approval to initiate a formal investigation.

The CPIB, which operates under the Prime Minister’s Office, is a government agency.

“The Prime Minister granted my approval on Jul 6, and the formal investigation commenced on Jul 11,” stated Mr Lee.

Furthermore, Mr Lee has instructed Mr Iswaran to take a leave of absence until the investigation concludes. During this period, Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat will act as the Minister for Transport.

State-media has reached out to the People’s Action Party (PAP) regarding Mr Iswaran’s role as a Member of Parliament during this incident.

CPIB gives statement on investigation

In its statement, CPIB expressed its commitment to thoroughly investigate the case and uphold the rule of law. The bureau acknowledged public interest in the involvement of a minister in its investigations, but due to the ongoing nature of the case, it is unable to provide further details.

CPIB emphasized that Singapore maintains a stringent zero-tolerance stance towards corruption. It conducts impartial investigations into all cases and will take decisive action against any individuals involved in corrupt activities.

Alhough, the CPIB has come under fire recently due to the lackluster actions regarding the Keppel corruption case. Seventeen MPs had filed questions over the case, such as why the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and CPIB chose not to prosecute the officers, and what the Government’s response was to concerns that the penalty was too light.

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