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TAT and AIS Launch Travel Sim Card for Tourists

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in collaboration with AIS 5G, has initiated the ‘Welcome Back to Thailand’ campaign. This campaign introduces the ‘Amazing Thailand SIM’ card, specially branded to provide a one-day trial of high-speed 8GB internet and a host of travel benefits. This initiative aligns perfectly with the upcoming high tourist season. TAT and AIS will run the campaign from October 17, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

Thailand welcomed 20.3 million foreign visitors in 2023. Most, about 14.7 million, came from Asia-Pacific regions, like China, Malaysia, and India. The TAT aims to maximize Asia-Pacific market growth. They introduced a five-month visa exemption for Chinese and Kazakhstani travelers, effective from September 25, 2023, to February 29, 2024. To this end, they aim to offer convenient communication systems and digital services through the Amazing Thailand SIM card. The overall aim is to increase travel to the Kingdom to pre-pandemic levels.

AIS, the partner in this initiative, conducted a study on tourist behavior. The study revealed a growing trend in using digital channels for services like financial transactions, accommodation bookings, shopping, and public utilities. These findings align with digital nomads’ preferences. They prioritize destinations with robust infrastructure and high-speed internet access for remote work while traveling.

TAT and AIS will make 1 million travel SIM cards available

Under the ‘Welcome Back to Thailand’ campaign, one million Amazing Thailand SIM cards will be made available to tourists. These will be distributed through TAT’s offices in Asia and the South Pacific. Subsequently, TAT will collaborate with online travel agencies (OTAs), airlines, and other tourism partners.

To join the campaign, travelers can plan their Thailand trips through TAT’s Asia and South Pacific partners. Afterward, they will receive a QR code. This code allows them to claim a complimentary SIM card from AIS shops situated in different airports, such as Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang), Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, and Samui.

The Amazing Thailand SIM card features a one-day free trial of 8GB high-speed internet. Subsequently, travelers can recharge the SIM via the AIS One-2-Call website and AIS WeChat mini-program.

Once activated, the SIM card unlocks a range of travel benefits, including complimentary travel insurance coverage from Bangkok Insurance, a welcome package from Central Group, online shopping discounts at King Power’s website and application, shopping privileges at Siam Piwat’s malls (Siam Centre, Siam Discovery, and Siam Paragon), reduced rates for self-drive car rentals from Sixt Car Rental, discounts on travel activities through the TAGTHAi application, and special offers from Grab Thailand.

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