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FPIT and Rojana Industrial Park prepare more field hospitals

Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) Company Limited (“FPIT”) joins hands with Rojana Industrial Park Public Co., Ltd. to prepare a field hospital at Ayutthaya. FPIT is Thailand’s leading industrial property developer. Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“FPT”) owns FPIT. The hospital is located at Rojana Industrial Park. The hospital is a 430-bed facility that was previously an existing factory space. FPIT converted it to ensure medical care can be administered to those critically ill with COVID-19. Mr Phanu Yamsri, Governor of Ayutthaya Province, and Uthai Hospital representatives attended the official handover ceremony last week.

FPIT CEO comments

Mr Sopon Racharaksa, CEO of FPIT, said, “The Ayutthaya region is a strategic hub for the country’s industrial and logistics sector. It is home for us. We recognise the overwhelming need for hospital beds with the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to transform our existing factory space into a fully-equipped 430-bed medical facility. This achievement is only possible by combining our efforts with the team at Rojana Industrial Park and local authorities. Above all, we are glad to be able to do our part for the local community.”

Rojana head says responding to community needs.

Mr Chai Vinichbutr, Executive Director of Rojana Industrial Park Public Co, Ltd., said, “We are responding to the needs of the community. We aim to ease the demand for medical facilities and hospital beds. We can achieve this by partnering with the government and like-minded partners, such as FPIT. This is a testament to the great collaboration between the public and private sectors. In conclusion, our directors and employees intend to help the community and industrial sector tide over this challenging period.”

The field hospital officially started warding COVID-19 patients on 31 August 2021. The Ministry of Public Health and Uthai Hospital are responsible for setting the acceptance criteria for patients.

Government authorities and the private sector support this temporary medical facility’s infrastructure, utilities, food, and other necessities. For instance, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) provides electrical transformers and electrical control cabinets. The CAT Telecom Public Company Limited has enabled specialised communication systems for the project. The Thai Beverage Public Company Limited has also pledged to donate drinking water.

Just last month, FPIT handed over a 309-bed isolation centre. It is its first medical conversion of industrial space to the community in Rayong. The business intends to extend further its expertise and partner with like-minded organisations that can contribute to Thailand’s local COVID-19 relief efforts.


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