BNM vows targeted repayment assistance for MY businesses and homes

BNM assured its commitment of assistance to business and household in debt. The announcement came on the last day of the automatic moratorium. The moratorium ended yesterday, 30th September. These include a targeted extension of the moratorium, as well as repayment flexibilities to help borrowers based on their specific financial situation. This targeted assistance approach ensures that more resources are available to assist those who are vulnerable. It also enables the banking sector to better support the broader economy through continued lending.

Health Risky Funds: Malversation of the budget to the People

Charges against Secretary Francisco Duque III were almost up. Financial anomalies had been discovered whilst he was the Chairman of the Department of Health of the Philippines. Billions of funds released to PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation). Oddly, the multi-agency task force did not file charges against Duque. Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte himself revoked the recommendations.

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