Siam Paragon Onesiam Piwat superapp exclusive experience

Siam Paragon launches cross border SuperApp with regional retail Giants

Thailand’s Siam Piwat Group, a leading real estate and retail developer, is forging an enhanced cross-border privilege shopping experience through its ONESIAM SuperApp. This exciting venture includes collaboration with seven prominent retail giants spanning Southeast Asia and East Asia. The esteemed partners are PARCO in Japan, TAIPEI 101 in Taiwan, Hong Kong Times Square in Hong Kong, ION Orchard in Singapore, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Plaza Indonesia in Indonesia, and the distinguished Chinese conglomerate FOSUN.

This strategic move aligns with Siam Piwat’s “collaborate to win” strategy. In addition, it signifies the official relaunch of the project initiated in 2014. The goal is to deliver more exclusive updates and partnerships. The shared vision is to establish a cross-border privilege program that offers unique shopping experiences and benefits.

This collaboration highlights the trust these seven global retail giants have in Siam Piwat Group. Especially in Siam Paragon and the collaborative development of this cross-border SuperApp. This also comes at a trying time for Siam Piwat particularly after the recent shooting.

By working in tandem, Siam Piwat aims to attract partners’ members to Thailand. In addition, it aims to fostering a mutually beneficial environment for the creation of exclusive projects.

Representatives from five partner organizations express enthusiasm. All subsequently, highlighted the potential for improving services and sharing resources, data, and knowledge.

OneSiam SuperApp to cater to needs of international visitors in Siam Paragon

Siam Piwat’s comprehensive vision includes collaborating with Alipay, Klook, and Group to enhance customer experiences. Henceforth, it will cater to the needs of Chinese tourists and international visitors.

The primary goal is to attract foreign tourists by offering special discounts, exclusive prices, and privilege deals.

Siam Piwat’s chief customer officer, Panthep Nilasinthop, emphasizes that this collaboration will grow the ONESIAM SuperApp ecosystem into a premium global platform for extraordinary shopping experiences.

The collaboration aims to enhance VIZ members’ benefits through the ONESIAM SuperApp. These benefits include upgrading their membership to the highest level, offering exclusive services, providing a personal concierge, granting access to an exclusive lounge, and even facilitating limousine services.

Over four million customers are set to benefit from the cross-border partnership. In addition, the ONESIAM Superapp’s membership base is continually expanding.

Siam Piwat’s future plans include expanding into the Western market, focusing on affluent Thai customers’ favored European destinations.

In 2024, ONESIAM SuperApp will further enhance its services and expand the use of VIZ Coins, integrating shopping experiences in both physical and digital realms.

ONESIAM SuperApp has experienced substantial growth, with the VIZ membership surging by over one million members. Active members have nearly doubled, with significantly increased spending per person, exceeding the industry average.

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