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Ice-Cream Vendor Allegedly Denies Service To Indian Family in Malaysia

In a recent viral incident, a family encountered alleged racial bias when attempting to purchase ice-cream for their young nephews and nieces at a picnic spot in Pantai Remis, Malaysia during the long weekend.

According to a video uploaded on TikTok by user @preeyanka23, the ice-cream vendor on motorcycle refused to sell ice-creams to the family. The reason given was their Indian ethnicity. The vendor cited a prior confrontation with inebriated Indians, leading to a refusal to serve individuals of the same ethnicity.

Expressing shock at the refusal, the family inquired further, prompting the vendor to explain his reluctance based on past trauma. The incident prompted a friendly Malay family to step in. They witnessed the situation and offered to purchase the ice-cream for the children.

Malaysian Ice-Cream Vendor Is Indian As Well

Following the incident’s viral spread on TikTok, the ice-cream vendor issued a public apology to the affected family. In a statement, @preeyanka23 clarified that the vendor is of Indian-Muslim descent, aiming to dispel racial confusion surrounding the incident.

In a subsequent video, @preeyanka23 announced that the situation had been resolved amicably after the vendor’s apologies. She expressed hope that the incident would serve as a lesson to combat racism, particularly among sellers.

The vendor’s apology, captured in a video shared by @preeyanka23, conveyed sincere regret and an invitation for the family to purchase ice-cream anytime.

@preeyanka23 also commended the efforts of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) for assisting in addressing the matter. MIC reportedly visited the ice-cream shop and facilitated the transmission of the vendor’s apologetic video.

Netizens praised the kindness of the Malay family who intervened and purchased ice-cream for the children. Many highlighted the importance of unity and compassion in combating racial bias.

In conclusion, the incident underscores the ongoing challenges of racial discrimination and the importance of fostering inclusivity and understanding within communities.

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