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Vietjet Aviation Academy is now part of the IATA training network

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Vietjet Air have entered into a significant training agreement, designating Vietjet Aviation Academy (VAA) as IATA’s latest Regional Training Partner (RTP) in Vietnam. This partnership marks a significant step in promoting high-quality aviation training in the region.

In its role as an IATA RTP, VAA will offer a range of IATA courses meticulously crafted by industry experts. These courses are internationally renowned for their excellence. IATA regularly updates them to stay in sync with the latest regulatory procedures & industry standards. Especially due to the ever-evolving demands of the aviation sector.

Philip Goh, Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific at IATA, stressed the critical importance of having well-trained personnel. Especially as the industry endeavors to recover from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Goh noted that their collaboration with VAA will play a pivotal role in nurturing aviation talent. This will not only be in Vietnam but also across the broader region.

Chairman of Vietjet Aviation Academy pledges commitment to human resource development

Luong The Phuc, Vice President of Vietjet and Chairman of VAA, highlighted the institution’s unwavering commitment to human resource development. It is a core focus of Vietjet’s overall development strategy, as well as the broader aviation industry. He underlined VAA’s dedication to providing an exceptional learning environment. It will offer access to IATA courses, international certificates, and state-of-the-art training equipment.

VAA stands out as a cutting-edge training and research institute. After all, it is equipped with three cockpit simulators (SIM) for pilot education. It also has aircraft and passenger cabin mock-ups. VAA also has technical facilities with engines, functional training rooms, and an engineer training center. These world-class facilities meet international standards for training programs catering to pilots, cabin crews, engineers, and aviation personnel.

To date, Vietjet has successfully trained nearly 395,000 individuals, encompassing pilot trainees, cabin crew members, engineers, and various other aviation professionals. The academy envisions itself as a premier global aviation training center, poised to attract international students with dreams of pursuing careers in air transport.

This collaboration between VAA and IATA is a pivotal element of their shared vision for sustainable development, aviation science and technology research and application, and the cultivation of skilled and innovative aviation professionals who can excel in the industry. It reflects their unwavering commitment to shaping the future of aviation training, not just within Vietnam but on a global scale.

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